Gunner Kennels Sizing Questions with Founder Addison Edmonds

Founder Addison Edmonds and Gunner here to answer your burning questions regarding sizing of our crates! ⁠

In all seriousness, "Intermediate or Large?" is our #1 most asked question. Addison created the Gunner kennel specifically for transportation, and that factors into our own fit recommendations: when choosing a size, please consider if you will use the G1™ primarily for kenneling at home, or for securing the K9's safety while traveling.

If using the crate for traveling we always recommend a snug fit. This protects the dog in the case of an accident or if you’re hitting the brakes too hard: the less wasted interior space the better. It's a bit of a mind-shift in what you'd normally consider when selecting a kennel, but we believe this is for the safety of the dog. Many of our customers have found that their dog feels more secure when traveling in a tighter area, too.⁠

Those who are using their crate primarily for home kenneling will obviously want to opt for a larger size if the dog is spending longer, more consistent periods of time in there.⁠

If you're still hung up on sizing, ask us a question below. Our Customer Experience team is around Monday through Saturday to help – and we've built out several resources for peace of mind too. Go to to check those out. >>⁠

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6 months agoOctober 31, 2020
You did a fine job despite first few negative comments!  I suggest you edit out the Hi Guys! and your personal grooming details. It makes you sound like the black sheep of the family instead of a functional adult.
Adam Holden
5 months agoNovember 13, 2020
I bought the Intermediate Crate today for my German Shepherd puppy.  She is 11 weeks now... but will grow to about 70-80 LBS... Looking to use this crate primarily for travel and road trips (4-8) hours.  Do you think the Intermediate Crate will be too small for when she gets older?
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